This article is an all you need to know about WHY $HTR is going to blow up

  • What is Hathor?
  • Hathor Key Features
  • The Narrative on Fees
  • Hathor Amazing Tokenomics
  • Upcoming Price Catalyst & Roadmap
  • Competition
  • Team
  • My Opinions

What is Hathor?

Hathor is a L1 blockchain which uses a PoW consensus algorithm as well as having DAG structures built in. This means that Hathor is similar to a lot of the L1s out there such as ETH, ADA, SOL, except that it solves significant bottlenecks with scalability, usability and decentralisation in mind.

They already have been on a working main-net since 2020…

I’ll be sharing my strategy for the short term in this medium, take note that my main goal with this strategy would be capital preservation.

BTC Chart

Daily Chart

The markets have been manipulated and so much dumb money had capitulated that fears of the end is on everyone’s minds. So I thought I’d do some analysis on the markets to put everyone’s minds at ease.

On-Chain Data Analysis

Stock-To-Flow Model

Here are some observations I’ve made from studying this model

  • The top of the bull run usually happens after the rainbow chart is above the stock to flow line coupled with a parabolic move up
  • After the rainbow chart turns dark green, there would usually be a strong retracement in price before it’s continuation to the blow off top

And so…


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